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Best Water Damage Restoration in Green Bay, WI

While people often enjoy fire and water recreationally, they can be devastating when unleashed in your home. Damage from these elements can happen quickly and take a long time to repair fully. We researched the best water damage restoration in Green Bay, so you know what to look for when faced with this stressful situation.

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    ServiceMaster Restore
    Overall satisfaction rating
    • 60+ years of experience
    • Known for outstanding customer service
    • Available 24/7 for emergencies
    • Available in Green Bay

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    Certified Professional Restoration
    • A+ BBB Rating
    • 24/7 live calls
    • Emergency board-up services, demolition, restoration & remodeling
    • Offers content moving & storage services
    3095 Market St.
    Green Bay, WI 54303
    (920) 863-3473
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    • PuroClean QuickDry™ Guarantee
    • Provides smoke odor removal & professional deodorization
    • Emergency cleaning & sanitation
    • Carpet restoration available
    1364 Reber St.
    Green Bay, WI 54302
    (920) 965-8339
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    • Experts in flood damage, emergency water removal, water damage restoration
    • Uses Vortex drying system
    • Uses the Hydro-X extractor
    • Assessment “pack-out” cleaning & restoration “pack in” services
    2045 Bellevue St.
    Green Bay, WI 54311
    (800) 884-0588
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    • Open 24 hours
    • servproeastbrowncounty.com
    2225 Pamperin Rd., Ste. 101
    Green Bay, WI 54313
    (920) 499-7050
    CCS Property Services
    • Open 24 hours
    • ccspps.com
    1048 Glory Rd.
    Green Bay, WI 54304
    (920) 435-2288
    Square One Restoration
    • Open 24 hours
    • squareonerestoration.com
    2121 Bellevue St.
    Green Bay, WI 54311
    (920) 884-8815
    Elite Restoration
    • Open 24 hours
    • eliterestorationwi.com
    1780 Allouez Ave.
    Green Bay, WI 54311
    (920) 883-0758
    Sullivan's Cleaning & Restoration Service
    • Open 24 hours
    • sullivanscleaning.com
    3065 Commodity Ln.
    Green Bay, WI 54304
    (920) 337-1986
    Midwest Restoration
    • Open 24 hours
    • dev-midwest-restoration.pantheonsite.io
    2230 Bohm Dr.
    Little Chute, WI 54956
    (920) 460-3900

    Fire and water damage restoration companies in Green Bay


    From summer storms to ice dams in the winter, Green Bay experiences perils all year long that can cause water damage to your home. Areas along the East River are especially prone to flooding.

    One seemingly paradoxical source of water damage is a fire. When a house fire is extinguished with water, there is fire, water and smoke damage. Even a small fire could cause the following:

    • Damage to belongings caused by flame and heat
    • Water damage to the area surrounding the fire
    • Smoke damage throughout the home, even in rooms untouched by fire, and in your HVAC system
    • Chemical damage caused by fire extinguishing techniques or by synthetic materials melting

    In as little as 48 hours, your home could also need mold removal. Both smoke and mold damage can have health implications. Luckily, many water damage restoration companies in Green Bay also specialize in mold removal and smoke damage restoration.

    Luckily, there are things you can do to prevent water damage, including:

    • Regularly replacing the hoses in your washing machine, dishwasher and refrigerator
    • Cleaning your gutters frequently
    • Inspecting your roof and chimney regularly
    • Having your water heater looked at periodically
    • Checking all pipes for leaks or looseness on a consistent schedule

    How much does water damage restoration in Green Bay cost?

    Factors affecting the price of water and fire restoration repair in Green Bay include the:

    • Source of the water
    • Extent of structural damage
    • Size of the damaged area

    Whether or not water damage restoration in Green Bay is covered by homeowners insurance depends on whether the cause of the damage is covered. If a tree falls on your home during a storm and water gets in, that damage is typically covered. However, if you know your roof is leaking and in need of maintenance, the resulting, gradual damage won’t be covered.

    When looking for water or fire restoration repair in Green Bay, ask companies for estimates and their time table for the repairs. Also, inquire how they work with insurance; some will work directly with the insurance companies to try to streamline your claim. Finally, ask if they hold any certifications from industry organizations, like the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification or the Restoration Industry Association.

    Water damage can range from annoying to devastating. Regardless of the amount of damage, having a qualified water damage restoration team in Green Bay fix the issue will get you back to normal quickly.

    Fire and Water Damage Restoration Reviews

    ServiceMaster Restore

    Founded in 1929, ServiceMaster Restore now helps over 75,000 homes and businesses every day. ServiceMaster Restore offers rapid response 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They offer several types of restorative services and adhere to IICRC standards. Reviewers appreciate how polite and informative the staff is during a stressful situation.

    ServiceMaster Restore

    Certified Professional Restoration

    Based in northeastern Wisconsin, Certified Professional Restoration takes pride in under promising and over delivering. They provide 24-hour emergency services, free quotes and a live person to talk to when you call. To date, they have restored over 4,500 homes. Reviewers were happy with the company’s results.

    Certified Professional Restoration


    PuroClean was founded in 2001. Their PuroClean QuickDry System™ is a process that speeds up drying time and maximizes the recovery of items and property. The company guarantees your home will be back to normal in three days or less. Customers in Green Bay find them easy to work with in every regard.



    Founded in 1997 and based in Green Bay, Recoveron now serves much of the Midwest. The company uses a Vortex Drying System to minimize dry time and adheres to IICRC standards. Recoveron provides 24-hour emergency services. Reviewers are pleased with the company’s results and its courteous staff.