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Best Personal Loans in Green Bay, WI

Personal loans help consumers make purchases now and pay back the money over time in fixed, regular payments. When looking for a lender, consider the borrowing costs, any fees and the flexibility to spend the money how you want. Our partners at We researched the best personal loans in Green Bay to get you started.

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    Overall satisfaction rating
    • Simple, fixed monthly payments
    • Won't affect your credit score
    • Minimum FICO score: 640
    • Available in Green Bay

    Won't affect your credit score!

    Visit Website (877) 850-2322 Read More
    Overall satisfaction rating
    • Safe, direct cash transfer
    • No collateral needed
    • No minimum FICO score
    • Available in Green Bay

    LoanMe offers unsecured installment loans to consumers and businesses. The company's primary focus is to provide personal or small business lending solutions. The company offers loans from $2,600 to $100,000 for purposes such as debt consolidation or costs associated with starting a new business. LoanMe streamlines the loan application process, making it easier for consumers.

    (844) 725-7868 Read More
    Overall satisfaction rating
    • Loans up to $40,000
    • Get approved the same day
    • Minimum FICO score: 620
    • Available in Green Bay

    NetCredit is a personal loan company offering loans up to $10,000. The company is a subsidiary of Enova International, Inc. Net Credit has a creative My RightFit ToolTM to help consumers customize their loan amount and repayment terms.

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    Huntington National Bank
    • Flexible payment plans
    • No application fees
    • Offers online account management
    • Founded in 1866
    1601 S. Webster Ave.
    Green Bay, WI 54301
    (920) 436-1601
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    OneMain Financial
    • Helped over 10 million customers since 1912
    • Offers personal loans up to $30,000
    • No prepayment fees
    • Get approved & receive funds the same day
    1780 W. Mason St.
    Green Bay, WI 54303
    (920) 494-2555
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    Mariner Finance
    • M: 9am - 5pm
    • T: 9am - 7pm
    • W-Th: 9am - 5pm
    • F: 9am - 5:30pm
    2272 W. Mason St.
    Green Bay, WI 54303
    (920) 471-4174
    World Finance
    • M-F: 9am - 6pm
    • Sat: 9am - 12pm
    • Closed Sun
    • loansbyworld.com
    1226 S. Military Ave., Ste. B
    Green Bay, WI 54304
    (920) 429-1073
    Security Finance
    • M-F: 9am - 5pm
    • Closed Sat and Sun
    • security-finance.com
    2685 W. Mason St., Ste. A
    Green Bay, WI 54303
    (920) 405-9514
    Johnson Financial Group
    • M-F: 8:30am - 5:30pm
    • Closed Sat and Sun
    • equitablefinco.com
    318 S. Washington St., Ste. 200
    Green Bay, WI 54301
    (920) 445-7400
    Heights Finance Corporation
    • M-F: 8:30am - 5:30pm
    • Closed Sat and Sun
    • heightsfinance.com
    2476 S. Oneida St., Ste. 140
    Green Bay, WI 54304
    (920) 497-2326

    How to choose a personal loan in Green Bay

    Green Bay skyline

    Personal loans give borrowers the ability to borrow thousands of dollars and spend the funds how they want. The most popular uses of personal loans in Green Bay are consolidating credit card debt, paying bills, remodeling a home, paying for a wedding or funeral or taking a vacation.

    Personal loans are either secured or unsecured, depending on whether the borrower puts up collateral.

    • In a secured personal loan, the borrower agrees to give up the collateral, such as a car, if the loan isn’t repaid. Lenders may require secured loans for borrowers with lower credit scores. Because the loan is secured, the interest rate is often lower.
    • In an unsecured personal loan, there is no collateral. Borrowers with higher credit scores are usually more eligible for an unsecured personal loan, but interest rates tend to be higher.

    Personal loans are offered by banks, credit unions and online lenders. Each lending institution will differ in how it manages the application process and verifies your qualifications as a borrower. Commonly needed documents needed to apply for a personal loan include:

    • Valid, government-issued ID
    • Proof of residence
    • Proof of income
    • Bank account information

    During the application process, lenders will check your credit report to evaluate your prior loan history and your standing with creditors. To avoid any surprises, you can check your credit history ahead of time for free.

    As you shop for a personal loan in Green Bay, compare different lenders not just for interest rates, but the total cost of borrowing over the entire term, including any application fee, origination fee or prepayment penalty. Also, check customer feedback, which gives insight into things like how easy it is to make payments and how helpful the lender is answering questions over the life of the loan.

    Personal Loans Reviews

    Best Egg

    Best Egg has helped over 450,000 customers with a total of over $6.5 billion in personal loans. Apply online for up to $35,000 and get cash in as little as one business day. Intuitive online tools make it easy to manage payment options and get friendly customer service. According to reviews, Best Egg has simple repayment plans and answers questions promptly; many customers are highly satisfied and have taken out multiple personal loans.

    Best Egg Visit Website (877) 850-2322


    LoanMe provides unsecured personal loans from $2,600 to $100,000. Customers don't pay prepayment penalties and may use funds for any purpose. Green Bay borrowers appreciate the helpful customer service. LoanMe has an A- rating from the Better Business Bureau.

    LoanMe (844) 725-7868


    NetCredit provides loans up to $10,000. Customers can use an online tool to find out what their loan options are. The ClearCost for Me promise guarantees that when you sign your loan papers, you’ll know exactly how much you owe and when. NetCredit takes customer privacy seriously and is 100 percent committed to client satisfaction. Reviewers say the company has an easy-to-follow application process and like the prompt deposit of funds.


    Huntington National Bank

    Personal loans from Huntington come with highly competitive rates and zero application fees. Customers can choose whether to pay weekly, monthly or bimonthly and manage accounts online. Customer service is available 24/7 over the phone or during business hours at either of two Green Bay-area branches. Five-star reviews are common for Huntington; clients love the friendly staff.

    Huntington National Bank

    OneMain Financial

    Borrowers can get between $1,500 and $30,000 in personal loans from OneMain Financial, which has two Green Bay locations. The company has been a trusted lender for over 100 years, offering fixed-rate loans with terms up to 60 months. Start by filling out a quick application online, and if you are approved, stop by a branch. If you are approved by noon, you could get same-day funds. Reviews in Green Bay are mixed, with some praising the staff and others commenting on high fees.

    OneMain Financial