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Find the Best Mattresses in Green Bay, WI

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, but many people sleep on aging mattresses that sag and no longer provide proper support. Mattresses should be replaced every seven to 10 years for best performance. We researched the best mattress stores in Green Bay so you can know what to look for when mattress shopping.

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Saatva Mattress
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Individually wrapped comfort coils
  • Lumbar support enhancement
  • Memory foam layer
  • Available in Green Bay

The Ultimate in Comfort and Luxury

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Luma Sleep
  • 3 comfort choices: plush, medium, firm
  • 100 night in-home trial
  • Latex mattresses
  • Available in Green Bay

Offers latex and foam mattresses in four styles. Prices start at $795. Includes a 100-night trial, 10- to 15-year warranties and free delivery. Other sleep products available, including beds and bedding.

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Select Comfort - Sleep Number
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Dual comfort adjustability on both sides
  • SleepIQ® technology tracks how you sleep
  • Kids beds, RV mattresses
  • FlexFit™ adjustable base

Specializes in mattresses with customizable support. Queen-size mattresses start at $1,099. Offers financing to approved customers. Includes a 100-day return policy and a 15-year warranty.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • Purple Smart Comfort Grid™
  • Adapts to your pressure points
  • Hypoallergenic, non-toxic, durable
  • 100-night risk-free trial

Offers three models of mattress. Products are made out of foam and Purple’s proprietary grid. Mattresses start at $699 and come with a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty. Free shipping and returns.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • 4 layers of premium foam
  • Zoned Support™ helps shoulders, hips stay aligned
  • High airflow for breathability
  • Pressure relief memory foam

Offers foam and hybrid mattresses. Offers 100-night trials, 10-year warranties, and free shipping and returns. Queen mattresses range from $1,095 to $2,695. Sells bed frames and other products.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • 365-night, risk-free trial
  • 2 layers of gel memory foam
  • Works with all bed frames
  • Forever warranty

Sells three models of memory foam mattresses and three hybrid mattresses. Prices start at $699 for a queen. Offers 365-night, in-home trial. Lifetime warranty. Available online only. Bedding, frames and furniture available.

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How to choose a mattress in Green Bay


There is no hard and fast rule for what makes a comfortable mattress. A bad mattress can cause or increase back pain, which affects up to 80 percent of people at some point in their lives, according to the American Chiropractic Association. The age of a mattress and thinness of material are two ways to gauge whether you should replace it, but many other factors are a matter of personal preference.

Mattresses firmness levels are soft, firm or medium-firm. Soft mattresses allow you to sink in and relieve stress from pressure points, and firm mattresses have the least amount of give. Choosing a medium-firm option is a safe option if you change positions while sleeping or can’t decide what support level works best. Some high-end mattresses can adjust the firmness for both sides of the bed if you and a partner have different comfort levels.

Popular mattress types in Green Bay

There are many types of mattresses to choose from, but they typically fall into one of the following types:

Mattress type Description
Innerspring/coil Often thought of as the traditional mattress type, innerspring mattresses have springs, also called coils, inside the mattress. In general, higher quality mattresses have more springs. This is often the most economical type of mattress.
Memory foam Memory foam mattresses have foam layers that contour to your body. They provide extra cushioning and are softer than coil mattresses. There can be multiple layers of foam and different levels of foam firmness.
Latex Latex foam is more natural and retains less heat than memory foam. Latex mattresses come in varying degrees of firmness.
Hybrid Hybrid mattresses combine a layer of innerspring with a layer of latex or memory foam. This provides the support of an innerspring with the comfort and softness of foam.

Bed in a box vs. in-store mattresses

You can buy just about anything online these days, and that includes mattresses. Online mattress shopping allows you to browse reviews and compare options from the comfort of your home. A mattress from an online store is often referred to as a bed-in-a-box because it’s shipped to your home in a box and expands over several hours after you unpack it.

Many people still prefer shopping at a brick-and-mortar mattress store, however. Shopping at a physical storefront lets you lie on different mattresses to try them out and see which is most comfortable. Online mattress stores also often only sell one brand of mattress, while brick-and-mortar stores usually carry a wide selection of mattresses from multiple manufacturers.

In both cases, shipping or delivery may be free or could be an additional cost. Be sure to ask if the company you buy from charges for delivery.

What is the average mattress price in Green Bay?

Mattress prices have a wide range. In many regards, you get what you pay for — more expensive mattresses tend to be more durable and come with longer warranties.

Cost Description Perks
Under $600 Synthetic innerspring mattresses that will likely not hold up for 10 years. Occasional use, such as a guest bedroom. May also be appropriate for college students, young adults or people who move often.
$600 - $1000 Typical for a quality mattress, including higher-end innerspring options or lower-end memory foam options. Good for typical use for adults with few health problems.
$1000-$2500 Luxury mattresses that feature proprietary features and technology, cooling gels and superior materials. Warranties are 10 - 20 years. Great for long-term use and people with health problems who need more support.
$2500+ Mattresses of unusual size or shape and made from organic or otherwise difficult to find materials. Many feature built-in electronics. A more luxurious experience that may come with sleep-tracking technology.

Despite all the options available, much of your choice comes down to personal preference. No matter what you choose, experts agree that any new mattress is nearly always better than an old mattress that is past its decade of useful life.

Mattress disposal in Green Bay

Once you have your new mattress, it’s time to get rid of your old one. Some companies dispose of mattresses for you, either for free or an additional cost.

If the company you purchase from doesn’t offer mattress disposal, there are multiple options available in Green Bay. Green Bay’s Department of Public Works accepts mattresses as bulk household items and picks them up curbside for a fee. Brown County Resource Recovery also accepts mattresses for a $21 fee.

How to buy a mattress in Green Bay

It can take you several nights of sleep to get used to a new mattress and determine if it’s a good long-term fit for you. Luckily, most mattress stores offer a trial period, usually somewhere between 30 to 100 days. Because mattresses take a while to get used to and can change substantially through use, getting referrals from friends or online reviews gives additional insight into how comfortable a mattress is over time.

Mold Removal Reviews

Saatva Mattress

Saatva Mattress sells mattresses online and offers a 120-day trial period. The company’s mattresses are made in the U.S. and are available in three different firmness levels. Saatva offers white glove delivery to the room of your choice and disposes of your old mattress. Green Bay reviewers like the company’s prices and appreciate its easy-to-navigate website.

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Luma Sleep

Luma Sleep makes their mattresses in the U.S. and offers free shipping, a 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial period. The company bases its mattress design in science, with special attention to back and shoulder support, spine alignment, temperature neutrality and limited motion transfer. Green Bay reviewers find Luma mattresses very comfortable.

Luma Sleep

Select Comfort - Sleep Number

Sleep Number specializes in technology and smart features. The company’s mattresses come with a 100-night trial period and a 25-year limited warranty. The company delivers and sets up your new mattress and removes your old mattress for you. Many Green Bay reviewers say their mattresses have helped alleviate back pain and other problems.

Select Comfort - Sleep Number


The founding brothers of Purple have more than 30 patents to their name. The company’s mattresses are specifically designed for pressure relief and come with a 10-year warranty and a 100-night trial period. Purple offers military discounts and referral incentives. Green Bay customers enjoy the mattresses’ level of firmness.



Casper offers a 100-night trial, a 10-year limited warranty and free shipping and returns. Casper’s mattresses are designed in the U.S. and made without harmful chemicals or emissions. Green Bay reviewers say the mattress improves their sleep quality, but some people find Casper’s delivery partner to be hit or miss.

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Nectar offers a 365-night trial period and a forever warranty. The company’s mattresses do not contain environmentally damaging chemicals. In addition to foam, they incorporate two gel layers and a cotton cover to maximize breathability. Green Bay reviewers are happy with Nectar’s mattresses and appreciate how easy the ordering process is.

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