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Find the Best Home Warranty in Green Bay, WI

A home warranty can be of great benefit to Green Bay residents. Unlike homeowners insurance, home warranties cover appliances and systems no longer guaranteed by the manufacturer, saving you from large repair bills. We researched the best home warranty in Green Bay so you can buy with confidence.

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American Home Shield
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in Green Bay
  • 4 coverage plans
  • Starting at $75 deductible
  • Coverage regardless of age or make

Be sure with The Shield.

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Choice Home Warranty
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Submit claims online
  • Coverage for common home repairs
  • Available in Green Bay
  • Experienced contractors

Offers two plans with basic or comprehensive coverage. Plans start at $46.67 per month with an $85 service call fee. Optional coverage for limited roof leaks, pools and spas available. Make a claim online 24/7.

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Total Home Protection
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in Green Bay
  • Plans as low as $1 a day
  • 1 month free with any single payment plan
  • Instant free quote

Offers two plans covering select systems and appliances. Costs start at $53.67 per month, with a standard service call fee of $75. Coverage options vary by location. Add-on coverage is also available.

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America's 1st Choice Home Club
Overall satisfaction rating
  • 2 coverage plan options
  • Fixed rate locked in with no year-to-year increases
  • No limit on service requests
  • Flexibility to choose your own service technician

Available in 47 states and Washington, D.C. Guarantees repairs for duration of contract. Covers up to 18 systems and appliances, including electronics like smartphones. Low coverage caps on some systems and appliances.

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Why do I need a home warranty in Green Bay?

Green Bay Skyline

Green Bay is notorious for its cold winters, and the continental climate results in large fluctuations in temperature throughout the year. This increases the stress on water heaters, furnaces, air conditioning units and other systems. Considering that 56 percent of Green Bay's housing units are owner-occupied, there are plenty of people in Green Bay who may benefit from a home warranty.

As homeowners know, maintaining a house is expensive. Even small repairs can cost hundreds of dollars, and major appliances can easily cost thousands when they break down. Since many of these costs occur suddenly, the resulting bills can wreak havoc on a budget.

Keep in mind that homeowners insurance and home warranties are not the same. While homeowners insurance protects against theft, fire or a natural disaster, it doesn’t cover appliances or systems breaking due to wear and tear. That’s where a home warranty comes into play. While they won’t cover appliances that break due to abuse or neglect, they do help cover many repairs that would otherwise have to be paid out of the homeowner’s pocket.

Home warranty coverage in Green Bay

There are limits to what each home warranty covers. They are generally for mechanical items or systems, but not structural components of your house, like windows or your roof. There may be limitations if it turns out something wasn’t initially installed correctly. Often you’ll need to pay extra if you need coverage for a pool, septic system, wells or other items or systems that aren’t standard in all houses.

Here are some questions to consider when inspecting a proposed contract:

  • What is covered and what is not?
  • How much will you be charged when you make a claim?
  • Are there limits to how much money your warranty will pay out?
  • What is the process if your appliance can’t be fixed and needs replacement?

Most home warranties are renewed annually. There’s often an incentive to purchase your home warranty when you first purchase your home, but you can buy one any time. It’s highly likely that your home warranty company will schedule and choose service technicians for you, which can either be a sore point if you prefer making those decisions, or convenient if you’d rather not vet numerous technicians yourself.

Home Warranty Reviews

American Home Shield

American Home Shield offers discounts for multiple properties and also has incentives to refer friends. They also offer customers discounts on air filters and specific brands of appliances. They have been in business for over 45 years. Customers in Green Bay note that there is some flexibility when it comes to choosing your service provider and with the service call fee.

American Home Shield Learn More (888) 395-0951

Choice Home Warranty

Choice Home Warranty doesn’t require a home inspection before signing, but pre-existing conditions, known or unknown, are not covered. There is a $75 call fee per claim and the company selects and dispatches all service technicians. Green Bay customers note that representatives offered great deals, but some had trouble getting repairs completed.

Choice Home Warranty Learn More (732) 765-6416

Total Home Protection

Total Home Protection protects Green Bay residents with two plans starting at $1 per day. Optional add-ons cover, for example, a secondary heating system or water heater. Conveniently file a claim by phone or online 24/7/365. Pre-approved contractors are sent to your home for just the deductible.

Total Home Protection

America's 1st Choice Home Club

With tiered pricing options, AFC Home Club makes it easy to see what is and is not covered under its three plans. Choose one that fits your home’s needs and buy extra coverage to protect additional appliances and systems. There’s no deductible, only a $60 service fee. Plans include restaurant gift cards and a retail savings program for cash back at 5,000 retailers.

America's 1st Choice Home Club Learn More (678) 236-0645