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Find the Best Credit Repair Companies in Green Bay, WI

Bad credit lingers for years. Credit repair companies can help clean up your credit report and increase your credit score by disputing negative marks that are wrong or unverifiable. We researched the best credit repair in Green Bay to help you fix your credit and prepare for a healthier financial future.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in Green Bay
  • Assistance from a personal adviser
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • A+ rating by the BBB

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Accredited Partner
Sky Blue Credit Repair
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Industry's quickest dispute pace
  • Available in Green Bay
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • 25+ years in business

Sky Blue Credit Repair is a credit repair and restoration company. Their counselors are paid by salary, not commission. The firm offers help to individuals and families looking to clean up their credit histories and learn how to improve their financial lives and offers faster disputes than other companies with a rate of 15 items every 35 days.

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Accredited Partner
The Credit People
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Pay as you go, cancel anytime
  • 24/7 account access
  • Debt & inquiry validations
  • Available in Green Bay

Raise your credit score in as little as 60 days by working directly with the credit experts at The Credit People. Your credit expert will develop a credit improvement strategy that includes challenging and removing questionable items from your credit report.

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Accredited Partner
The Credit Pros
Overall satisfaction rating
  • 1-on-1 professional consultation
  • Available in Green Bay
  • No limit to number of disputes
  • Money-back guarantee

The Credit Pros is a national credit repair company dedicated to helping clients remove inaccurate information from their credit reports.

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Lexington Law
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Fraud alert, identify theft protection included
  • Over 10 million negative items removed from credit reports in 2017
  • Credit reports from all 3 bureaus free
  • Available in Green Bay

Lexington Law is a credit repair and credit education firm that helps people all over the United States find affordable and legal ways to dispute credit inaccuracies and repair bad credit. They are staffed with attorneys and paralegals trained in credit law and consumer protection statutes.

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Credit Matters
  • M-Th: 9a - 5pm
  • Fri: 9am - 12pm
  • Closed Sat & Sun
  • gocreditmatters.com
2654 W. Lawrence St.
Appleton, WI 54914
(800) 531-7279
GAP Financial Services
  • M-Th: 8:30am - 5pm
  • Closed F-Sun
  • gapfinancialsvc.com
1540 Capitol Drive, Ste. 108
Green Bay, WI 54303
(920) 498-8427

Credit repair in Green Bay

Green Bay Skyline

Green Bay, with an average score of 705, is in the top 10 cities with the highest average credit scores. However, Wisconsin residents can still face unexpected financial hardships that damage credit scores, leading to future problems. With a low credit score, it’s harder to apply for a credit card, home mortgage or auto loan.

Every year you’re entitled to a copy of your credit report from each of the three credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian and TransUnion). You can check these reports for errors and dispute them yourself to have them removed, which will help raise your credit score. However, this process is time-consuming and confusing. Experienced credit repair companies in Green Bay can go to bat for you and successfully challenge the credit bureaus.

How to avoid credit repair scams in Green Bay

While reputable credit repair services can be helpful, you should be aware the industry is largely unregulated, and you’ll need to protect yourself from fraudulent companies. Be wary of any company guaranteeing specific results, and watch out for companies that demand payment for services upfront, which is prohibited by the Credit Repair Organizations Act. Companies are also required to create a written agreement and cancel any services quickly upon your request.

How credit repair services work

The first thing a credit repair company in Green Bay will do is request your credit reports and review them for errors. The company then works to remove those errors to raise your score. Some companies also offer debt consolidation, bankruptcy and similar services with the goal of correcting and raising your credit score. Most companies will bill you monthly for ongoing service, and you should keep in mind you may not see any improvement to your score for three to 12 months.

The benefits of having good credit are numerous, and include:

  • Saving money on loans with lower interest rates
  • Getting approved for additional lines of credit, including auto loans and home mortgages
  • Increasing credit limits on existing lines of credit, including credit cards
  • Not needing a cosigner for loans or utilities
  • Establishing utility services in your name rather than someone else’s

Credit impacts many aspects of your daily life, and having a credit score in good standing can be a huge relief and provide many benefits to Green Bay residents.

Credit Repair Reviews

Credit Saint

Credit Saint offers a 90-day, money-back guarantee. Customers are assigned a personal advisory team, meaning you’ll speak with the same people each time you need help. Users have an account page so they can see the status of their credit repair online without needing to call. Reviews from Green Bay praise the company for its professional and knowledgeable staff.

Credit Saint Learn More (478) 845-6310

Sky Blue Credit Repair

Sky Blue Credit Repair was founded in 1989 and offers a 90-day, money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied for any reason. Reviewers in Green Bay said Sky Blue Credit Repair’s employees were communicative and efficient. The company’s website has a user-friendly interface that allows individuals to track progress and provide necessary documents with ease.

Sky Blue Credit Repair Learn More (888) 751-6072

The Credit People

At The Credit People, certified and trained representatives make unique plans for every situation. They offer low monthly pricing, free credit reports and an Unbeatable Satisfaction Guarantee. Customers appreciate how little they have to do to get an improved credit score.

The Credit People

The Credit Pros

The Credit Pros offers a free credit consultation and provides a mobile app that users can download for on-the-go access. The company’s vision is to change lives, and its employees pride themselves on respecting customers and being passionate about what they do.

The Credit Pros Learn More (844) 441-1397

Lexington Law

There are three service levels to choose from at Lexington Law, and the company’s staff includes lawyers and paralegals. Green Bay reviewers appreciate how knowledgeable the staff is and the monthly reports the company provides to customers. Lexington Law was founded in 1991 and had more than 10 million removals in 2017.

Lexington Law